All of the puppies are getting the hang of using those dangling appendages otherwise known as legs. They are toddling around with much more confidence, and are quite adept at climbing over one another, especially if it means getting a step up to try to escape their containment.

Poor Momma Disa is starting to show signs that nursing is becoming a bit more… abrasive. A few of the puppies are starting to exhibit their first teeth, and Blueberry already seems to be sprouting fearsome canines! With this in mind, we’ve started to introduce them to their first not-from-momma food source: raw goat’s milk. They still aren’t quite sure what to do with the stuff, whether it’s for stepping in, or for face-planting in… but Barbara has successfully lured them from licking from her finger to lapping from a shallow bowl. We still want them to nurse as long as possible, but it’s a lot for Disa to keep up with feeding six puppies; having a supplemental food source will help everyone.

Big half-brother Gable is trying to get the puppies to play, offering “play bows” and tossing his head. If he only knew what he was in for in another two weeks!

Finally, between increased mobility and learning to eliminate without momma’s help, the puppies have “moved” to a bigger Puppy Condo! Instead of the whelping box, they are now in a configurable enclosure that we will adjust as they grow and develop. This gives them more room to romp and an opportunity to learn how to “keep the den clean” when they need to use the potty.