Although we haven’t updated the puppies’ weights in a while, you can rest assured that they are all still growing! We now have individual kennels for all six puppies in their Puppy Condo—which maybe means it’s time for a rename… the individual kennels are more like condos, so the “tower” is “the complex”, or “Basenji Fort”, or… something. 😉 Whatever it’s called, they are all now getting some “alone time” to get accustomed to a future in which there aren’t five siblings around all the time.

In other news, the puppies are sometimes getting streamed live on Facebook when we’re outside with them. I’d love to add a third camera here, but it’s a bit silly to have a dedicated camera for an area that only has puppies 10% of the time. If you happen to check here and it looks suspiciously empty, go see if the Ture Hounds Facebook page is live.