You may have noticed that there are fewer bodies running around in the Puppy Condo. Starting about two weeks ago, when they turned 12-weeks-old, a couple of puppies have headed out to their forever homes. The first one out of the nest was Betty who is now known as Hedy. Next out was Crazy Daisy who will be keeping the name Daisy because it just seems to fit!

Looking forward to this coming weekend, we will bid adieu to Jolly Green Giant who will be known as Nelson. We will also bid farewell to Blueberry (whose future name has not been finalized) so she can live with her older half-brother Banjo—one of Disa’s kids from her previous litter! We might also be sending Pixie Plum (whose future name is still under consideration) to her new BIG brother, a Spinone Italiano. Miss Pixie was somewhat taken aback at the “unnecessary size”—her words, not ours!—of her new brother Enzo when she first met him, but his affable personality has won her over, and she’s looking forward to tormenting him as befits the role of an impish little sister.