We think our dogs are pretty terrific, and what they’ve achieved says a lot about what we expect for any of our dogs, whether “show” or “companion”.


DC Taji’s hAfrican Queen Disa SC CA CGCA CGCU TKA FDX RATM

A half-African out of a mother who was brought out of the Congo as a puppy (Avongara Naziki) and a domesticated father (Penda Taji’s Tri-Umphant One), Disa is a prime example of the uncommon “open cap” coloration pattern.

She is a natural hunter, finding great success in both lure-coursing—she’s earned her Field Championship, which is implied in the “DC” title—and in Barn Hunt—the “RATM”. Disa also enjoys “working” just for the sake of work, and spending time with us, be it working on tricks (“TKA”) or on flyball (“FDX”). Yes, that’s right, Basenjis can play flyball! (If you’re patient, anyway.)


CH Kibushi Gugu Diospyros RN CAA CGCA CGCU TKA RATO

Technically a half-African, but what we’d prefer to call “two-quarters African” because of an additional generation of breeding, Spyros is out of two half-African parents: mother Possum Creek’s Ngoma and father Kibushi The Oracle (a.k.a. “Wags”). Spyros shows a much-more-typical tri-color pattern but is distinguished by having very little white, with no flashy white “collar” around his neck.

Spyros loves to run and chase, happily volunteering to test lure-coursing layouts, run in the singles stakes, and in coursing ability tests, all on the same day. As long as the “bunny” is moving, he’s after it! He also truly loves “working” when there’s a chance for treats at the end.


Taji & Ture’s G.Wiz R U Sirius? TKN

Our “keeper” out of Disa’s first litter (sired by the famous Sonbar’s Celestial Wizard, a.k.a. “Bravo”), Gable is a spunky little monkey. Having been raised from birth using the “Puppy Culture” protocol, he believes that the world is a fun place, where new experiences can be incredibly rewarding… which means he’s willing to try doing just about anything! (If we could get a Basenji to swim voluntarily, it would most likely be Gable.)

(picture to come!)


Ture’s Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Our male “keeper” out of Disa’s second litter (sired by Dark Moon’s Bada Bing!, a.k.a. “Yoshi”), Bogart is an absolute sweetheart.

(picture to come!)


CH Ture’s Sending Sirius Signals

Our female “keeper” out of Disa’s second litter (sired by Dark Moon’s Bada Bing!, a.k.a. “Yoshi”), Hedy is affectionately nicknamed “Hurricane Hedy”.